Broken Bones and Stem Cells

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How Do Broken Bones Heal?

Every year, an average of 6 million people break a bone in the United States alone. Most of those broken bones heal on their own, and sometimes they require support to keep the bone stable while it heals. So how do our bodies actually heal broken bones?

Well, the short answer is our bones have the ability to heal themselves, and stem cells play a huge role in the healing process.

How do stem cells help heal broken bones?

Shortly after a bone in our body breaks, the body immediately starts forming a hematoma, or a collection of blood cells that form a blood clot between the broken fragments of bone. This can usually be seen as a bruise on the surface of the skin. Next, the immune system jumps in and causes inflammation. To start forming bone and cartilage, nearby bone marrow, stem cells, and blood travel to the fracture.

What if a fracture will not heal?

When broken bones cannot heal on their own, surgery is necessary. Sometimes rods, pins, nails, plates, screws and hooks are used to realign the bones and keep them stable.

New research has shown that stem cell therapy could soon be a viable option to assist in the healing of broken bones.

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