Differences between a Steroid Injection and Regenerative Stem Cells.

In a recent interview with Neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Shehadi MD, we asked him to give us insights on the main differences between Steroid Injections and Regenerative Medicine.

Here is what he said:

” Steroids versus Regenerative Stem Cells.

I have often been asked what’s the difference and how do we compare and contrast Regenerative Stem Cells and the current new treatments, shall we say, against the old standard of care which is Steroid Injections.

And my answer is this: Regenerative Medicine is fundamentally Superior.

Regenerative Medicine is an attempt to treat and repair the underlying problem.

Whereas steroids are just an anti-inflammatory that masks the symptoms, does not do anything to treat the underlying cause and often times is harmful.

Harmful in that it could decrease your immune system as we all know or should know, and also can elevate your sugar levels, which is very bad for diabetics. Steroid injections are a lot like putting a Band-Aid on the situation.

Whereas Regenerative Medicine, on the other hand, gives us hope.

Hope to rebuild the cartilage, the muscle, the soft tissues, the bone in the musculoskeletal system. “

Picture of a Steroid Injection into the Spine
Steroid Injection Into the Spine

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