In what ways are stem cells administered?

We asked Neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Shehadi MD about the different ways that Stem cells can be administered. Dr. Shehadi is a pioneer in regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy.

” Regenerative stem cell therapies can be administered in three very distinct and different ways.

Depending on the diagnosis:

First, there is intravenous which is systemic delivery of stem cells. And that’s best for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis or chronic pain syndrome that affect the entire body.

The second way to administer stem cell and regenerative therapy is what they call targeted therapy, such as directly into a knee, elbow, or shoulder etcetera.

That’s just a single focus of pathology or problem.

And then the third, which is slightly riskier and a little less commonly used, which is called intrathecal and that’s when you inject Stem Cells into the spinal fluid by way of a spinal tap.

And here at Cedar Stem Cell Institute, we use intrathecal primarily for patients who have had a stroke or spinal cord injury or MS, or Lyme disease.

To learn more about the different ways stem cell therapy can be administered contact us at the Cedar Stem Cell Institute. “