Is stem cell Therapy beneficial for spinal cord injuries?

we’ve asked Neurosurgeon Joseph Shehadi MD if stem cell therapy can be beneficial for patients with spinal cord injuries.

Being both a neurosurgeon and one of the pioneers in Stem Cell therapy and Regenerative Medicine in the USA, Dr. Shehadi is perfectly suited to answer this question.

X-ray of the cervical spine
X-ray of the cervical spine

“Yes, fortunately.

We’ve had some good success here at Cedar Stem Cell Institute treating patients with spinal cord injuries.

People with spinal cord injuries are devastated, their life is negatively impacted quite a bit. They are often in a wheelchair etcetera. Sometimes paraplegic or quadriplegic.

Anatomical spine
Doctor showing anatomical spine in clinic

What we do here is we take a unique combination of PRP which stands for platelet-rich plasma and mix it in with the patient’s own BMAC. Which stands for bone marrow aspirate concentrate.

So that’s the stem cell component that comes from the patient’s hip. We inject that partially intravenously and partially intrathecally; Which means in the spinal fluid. And with that unique protocol, we’ve had some good success treating patients with spinal cord injury. And we hope to continue that.

As a neurosurgeon, I’ve taken care of thousands of patients with spinal cord injuries, unfortunately, being here at a level 1 trauma center.

And I’ve seen a lot of people being paralyzed from their accidents. And being a neurosurgeon, I’m able to stabilize their spine surgically, but unfortunately, that does not always treat the underlying spinal cord injury, which is long been thought to be irreversibly damaged.

Regenerative medicine using stem cells has given us new hope in treating patients with spinal cord injuries.

In the past, a spinal cord injury was a devastating tragedy that usually left the patient with permanent weakness or paralysis and oftentimes wheelchair-bound.

Now with the age of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cells; We are now able to offer some Innovative, Hopeful, treatment options.”

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