Jyoti Dharod and Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Joseph Shehadi recently had the honor of hosting a world-recognized perfusionist, Jyoti Dharod, CCP, LP. Jyoti worked with a world-famous cardiothoracic surgeon in India named Sir. Dr. Nitu V Mandke who performed more than 10,000 cardiac surgeries. She worked alongside him for 11 years until his death in 2003, and has since continued to learn about platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy.

She learned about Dr. Shehadi and the Cedar Stem Cell Institute from a fellow perfusionist, Thomas Hankins. She traveled from Louisiana to meet and learn from Dr. Shehadi in hopes of setting up her own not-for-profit PRP and stem cell clinic in Bombay, India in the next year or two.

Jyoti is very unique and has been recognized for her hard work as a perfusionist, in both the United States and India. Her life story has been printed in several US publications including India Post, Akila, Gujarat Samachar, and Divya Bhaskar.

Jyoti has already achieved a  feather in her cap with her first ever successful knee camp held in a remote village in Kutch, India, an area with minimal medical facilities. This camp held in February of 2017 was notable because for the first time Jain Monks—who have given up all possessions including shelter, beg for food, wander from place to place, do not use vehicles, and normally do not undergo medical intervention—relented after over four years of coaxing and underwent knee stem cell procedures. Fifty-five knees were done in this first camp of which 26 knees were those of the Holy Monks. Currently, preparations are being done for the second knee camp, scheduled for January-February of 2018.

Cedar Stem Cell Institute is very excited about this potential opportunity to work alongside Jyoti and even more thrilled to see the passion for stem cell therapy continue to grow. Below you will see pictures of Jyoti in Columbus, Ohio with Dr. Shehadi and Dr. Rao, and in Washington DC with famous dignitaries.

Dr. Shri Rao, Jyoti Dhorad, and Dr. Joseph Shehadi

Dr. Shri Rao, Jyoti Dhorad, and Dr. Joseph Shehadi

Jyoti in Washington