PRP and knee injuries | Dr. Shehadi, MD | Neurosurgeon

Dr. Joseph Shehadi, MD. Neurosurgeon from Columbus Ohio

We asked neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Shehadi about the latest treatments for knee-related injuries.

This is what he had to say:

“Knee problems are very common. They are often a result of a sports injury or osteoarthritis of the knee. Sports injuries typically are caused by ACL or meniscus tear, whereas osteoarthritis of the knee occurs gradually over time. As a result of chronic inflammation.

We’ve had tremendous success here at Neurosurgery Associates injecting patients with their own PRP, which stands for platelet rich plasma. That comes from their own blood and we spin it down using a centrifuge machine.

PRP helps one’s body heal itself. It helps repair damaged ligaments and helps reduce inflammation and pain.

This procedure is what Stephen Curry from the NBA had done. This allowed him to heal up from his knee injury and return to the basketball court.”

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