What are the Regenerative Medicine treatment options for Low Back Pain?

We asked Neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph Shehadi MD about the possibility of treating Low Back Pain with regenerative medicine.

Here is what he had to say on the subject:

Spine Surgeon Joseph Shehadi MD

” There are several regenerative medicine treatment options in treating patients with low back pain.

First of all, there are many sources of low back pain; Sometimes it’s a herniated disc. Sometimes it’s stenosis, sometimes it’s a spine fracture. Sometimes it’s pain from the facets.

So, because there are many different sources of low back pain, then naturally there are many different treatments that can be used.

But in the Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell space, we have intradiscal injections that we do here at Cedar Stem Cell Institute.

We can do facet injections.

We can do caudal epidural, PRP or bone marrow injection, and these are all alternatives to surgery and alternatives to steroid injections, which are often bad for the patient. For example, it can decrease your immune system. It can also elevate your serum glucose or sugar levels, especially in diabetics.

So, there are lots of downsides to steroids.

So, these regenerative treatment options are very exciting, and I think are far superior to our current treatment of low back pain. “

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