Shri Rao, MD

Dr. Rao

Dr. Shri Rao is an Internal Medicine Physician who was born and raised in India. He owns and operates Ageless Integrated Medicine. At Ageless Integrated Medicine, Dr. Rao is passionate about helping patients get to their ideal health through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and physician-supervised HCG weight loss. His passion is to help patients achieve their best health through the most natural means possible. He is a very compassionate physician who listens to his patients and believes in partnering with them to achieve their health and wellness needs. Dr. Rao lives in Mason, Ohio with his wife and two beautiful children. In his spare time, he plays tennis, enjoys singing and listening to classical music, and watching movies and comedy shows, particularly Seinfeld.

Dr. Rao obtained his MD Degree at Mysore Medical College, a prestigious medical school in India. He was awarded the university's gold medal for securing the highest score for the entire university during his MD Degree. He completed his Internal Medicine Residency and was chosen to become Chief Resident in Internal Medicine at Albany Medical Center, Albany, New York.

Dr. Rao's passion to become a physician began at the age of seven, when his father took him to an anatomy exhibition conducted by a local medical school. Intrigued by the display of the human heart, he asked the medical student in charge of the event if he could hold the heart. At that very moment, he had decided that becoming a physician would be his life's long-term dream.

While growing up in India, his culture and upbringing taught him the importance of food and its role in determining one's health. He firmly believes in the saying of Hippocrates: "let food be thy medicine". He firmly believes in the healing power of turmeric, ginger, coconut oil and several other spices that he and his family use in their daily diet. He is passionate about inculcating the same healthy habits in his patients to help promote their health and wellness.

Research Interests

Dr. Rao has developed an immense interest in using stem cell therapy which has been shown to help patients suffering from various medical conditions, including but not limited to chronic arthritis and neurological disorders. He is also interested in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for patients with arthritis, as well as fat stem cell harvesting and injections. He has obtained extensive training at the Phenicell Regenerative Institute under the guidance of Dr. Shehadi.

Dr. Rao has done extensive research in cardiology for 4 years at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, a world-renowned cardiology institute. He has written several book chapters and has many publications. Click here to view Dr. Rao's complete CV (opens in new window).

Board Certificates

  • Board Eligible for the American Board of Internal Medicine

Medical Licenses

Dr. Rao is licensed to practice medicine in the states of Ohio and Kentucky. He is in the process of obtaining his license in Indiana.