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Welcome to Phenicell Regenerative Institute

Our History:

The Phenicell Regenerative Institute (PRI) was established in 2015 in Columbus, Ohio by neurosurgeon Dr. Joseph A. Shehadi, MD, FAANS, FRCSC. The PRI was created as a first-class institute for treating patients with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders using adult stem cell injections and regenerative medical technology. More recently, we expanded services to patients with autoimmune & inflammatory diseases, and cardiopulmonary diseases.

Phenicell Regenerative Institute was originally named the Cedar Stem Cell Institute after the world-famous Cedars of Lebanon and Dr. Shehadi‘s and Dr. Nader‘s proud Lebanese heritage. For centuries, the Cedars have been symbolic of natural beauty, longevity, and prosperity. However, in 2020, Cedar-Sinai Hospital in California requested that we rename our Cedar stem cell Institute to avoid confusion with their Cedar Sinai Hospitals and research center in California. Thus, we chose the new name, Phenicell, which is the joining of the words Phoenix, Phoenicia, and stem cells. The Phoenix bird undergoes repeated cycles of burning and rebirth with perpetual healing, repair, and triumph. Furthermore, ancient Phoenicia, like the Cedars has its origins and cultural ties to Lebanon. Phoenician were great innovators in the ancient civilizations. Their best-known legacy is the world's oldest verified alphabet, which they transmitted across the Mediterranean world. The Phoenicians are also credited with innovations in shipbuilding, navigation, industry, agriculture, and government. Their international trade network fostered the economic, political, and cultural foundations of Classical Western civilization.

Likewise, we believe that stem cells have a potentially transformational effect on the practice of medicine and aspire to be at the forefront regarding the treatment, research, and education of this technology.

Our institute only using adult stem cells–never embryonic–for our stem cell injections and stem cell therapy. We are comprehensive, utilizing stem cells from all of the major tissue sources including bone marrow aspirates. Furthermore, we harness and utilize the healing powers of one's own platelet-rich plasma (PRP). We are set up to provide these healing agents intravenously (IV), or directly into the spinal fluid (intrathecal) or into painful joints or spinal disc spaces through stem cell injections. We also utilize novel protocols which involve various combinations of these treatment modalities. We custom tailor the desired treatment to the individual patient.

The Phenicell Regenerative Institute team consists of several accomplished and compassionate surgeon physicians and PhD researchers who are committed to exceeding your expectations.


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Stem Cell Therapy Applications

Cedar Stem Cell Intitute specializes in disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.


Stem cells have broad indication for patients with a whole host of neurological conditions including spinal cord injury, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and dementia.

Orthopedic Conditions

Several orthopedic conditions can be treated with stem cell therapy including bone marrow aspirates to facilitate bone fusion and treatment of long bone fractures. PRP stems can be used to treat sports injuries such as AC separation and rotator cuff tears.

Inflammatory Conditions

Stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine treatments have broad indications for patients with a whole spectrum of inflammatory conditions.

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